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For many years, Indiana Gamma has had a rich tradition in the Greek community. We are actively working to instill this involvement so that each brother receives the best experience while encountering his studies and transition into a True Gentleman here at Indiana University.

The original SAE fraternity house was located south of 3rd Street. The exact location is unknown. Around the 1920, the brothers of Indiana Gamma moved into what would be the fraternity’s first official Chapter House—right across the street from Delta Gamma on what is now the Read Center parking garage and the house that caught fire in November of 1969.

On November 8, 1969, the SAE Chapter House went up in flames. As recorded by the IDS article the following day and as you see here, the house, which was only 42 years old at the time, was badly damaged and little was saved.

SAE moved to Green Hall the evening/morning after the fire, behind the Beta house until the beginning of the second semester. In January 1970, the Chapter moved into Coulter Hall in GRC for that semester before purchasing/renting the old Phi Mu house at 109 North Jordan from the university. SAE lived there for two years, while our house corporation worked to either build a new house or buy us a better house. At the beginning of the 1973-74 school year, the brothers of SAE then took possession of what was formerly Sammy’s house on South Jordan, the current location of the fraternity property of SAE. It was located at 1115 North Jordan Ave.

The SAE Chapter House had been sitting abandoned and boarded up for nearly six years when another fire occurred during the 2006-07 school year—this time at 1115 North Jordan. The IDS did the fraternity further injustice by reporting that it had been the abandoned Skulls house that had caught fire, mentioning nothing about SAE and getting the house completely wrong. In any event, it was time for the house to have the best thing that could happen to it: to be demolished. In September 2007, that’s exactly what happened. However, the story doesn’t end there…updated history coming soon!

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